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If you have contributions to make to the knowledge base and photographic archives on any of the topics on this page, they would be most welcome.

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Newhaven was a great wee place

I'm sure you would agree

You could put a name to every place

No matter who you'd see

There were Forester's, Foxe's, and White's

Hailstone's and Ganson's too

Rutherford's, Linton's and Mitchell's

To name but just a few

The shops on Main Street were many

From Mason's Bakery to the Store

No matter what stair you lived in

They were just a minute from your door

Chick Sellars sold the newspapers

And Robertson's mended your shoes

Gisiteri made great fish and chips

And Maggie MacFadyen sold the booze

Thomson the Grocer, the Store and Miss Mair

Was where you bought most of you grub

And Wattie the Barber cut your hair

If you could drag him from the pub

Tony Crolla's ice cream was the best

None compared to taste or size

Oh! What I'd give to sink my teeth

Into one of Mason's pies

In summertime we'd go down to the pier

And swim from morh ning till afternoon

Then back to Main Street for oor tea

With our faces all burnt broon

On a recent visit to Newhaven

I found it all drear and drab

I'd write a poem about it

If I were a poet like Rab.

Newhaven Main Street Shops

Up until the mid-1950s, the village of Newhaven boasted many shops.  Thanks go to Tommy Ganson who signs himself as an Old Bow-Tow, for submitting the following poem and the list of shops in the 40s/50’s.  Can anyone help fill in the gaps?

Here is the list of shops in the Main Street. The old memory is not too good nowadays but this is how much I remember. It maybe you can think of some more shops in Main Street on the right hand side starting from Mason's Bakery.

Masons Bakery

Royal Bank Of Scotland

Chrissy's Fruit & Veg shop

Robertson's - Cobblers

Maggie MacFadyen's Pub

The Smiddy Close

Thomson - Newsagent

Nancy Fox's Hairdresser

Drift Inn Pub

Shaw's Bakers

Post Office

Ratters Ironmongers


Co-Op Butchers

Off License

Lanni's Ice Cream

Edie's Newsagent at foot of Whalebrae

Butcher opposite Vicky School

Then on the left-hand side of the street starting at Gisertiri's. .

I cannot believe all those shops were not only in Newhaven but practically all on one street.  Maybe there's a few shops that will jog people's memory.  Tommy Ganson

On the Harbour side there was the Marine Hotel, The Market Buffet, and Barney Battles Pub

Famie Brand and Jessie MacDonald, sales assistants, outside Mason’s Bakery

Gisertiri's Chip Shop

Nu-Pin Cleaners

Fisherman's Hall

Chick Sellars Newsagent

Miss Mair's Fruit & Veg

Wattie The Barber

Bridie's Grocer Off License

Tony Crolla - Ice Cream Shop

The Store -
   (Leith Provident Co-Op)

The Bee Hive Wool Shop

Mathieson's Bakers

Finlay's Chip Shop

Simbert's Pub

Jeannie Faulkners - Sweets

Peacock - Hotel

Victoria School

Watson's Dairy round corner from Tony Crolla's

Ship Inn Pub next door to the Dairy

Another Pub across the road from the Ship Inn  (Forgotten the name)

The Fishmarket

Van man Andy outside Mason’s Bakery.