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If you have contributions to make to the knowledge base and photographic archives on any of the topics on this page, they would be most welcome.

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Statement Of Our Policies & Conditions

This website is owned and run by the members of the Newhaven Action Group (NAG)  for and on behalf of its registered members.  In operating this website NAG affirms adherence to the following code of operation.  NAG reserves the right to amend this code of operation, without prior notice, as it sees fit.


To publish informative articles, news, features and comments about Newhaven and Family and Social History in general and about Newhaven Action Group and its Members.

To publish members queries and letters, rights of reply and submitted articles, as accurately as possible and correct in our various publications any errors or omissions which may have inadvertently occurred in previous editions of publications. This will be by errata statements for written publications and corrections in on-line publications.

It is not intended to cause intentional offence to anyone.  

When linking to information on other sites, we do not represent to hold any copyright either in whole or in part of the materials so displayed.

The responsibility for acknowledging copyrights pertaining to articles, news, features and comments contributed by our members rests with the contributor.  However, if we are made aware of any material infringement of copyright then we will remove the material from the site/publication and publish an errata to that effect.  

If we are made aware that any information, so linked to on other sites, is in material breech of copyright then we will remove the link to the information as soon as we are made aware of the situation pending further investigation of the complaint.

All members of NAG and together with those registered on this site have a duty of care to assist NAG in upholding the statements above. In becoming members of the site, contributors agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


NAG reserves the right to disbar any contributor or registered member of the website should they act out with the Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policies

described on this page and/or bring NAG into disrepute.  Members expressly agree to observe any copyright statements pertaining to other members' contributions to the site.


The Website team reserves it's right to be the sole arbitrator of the suitability or otherwise of any information displayed on this site including message board postings. It may at its own discretion remove any material without prior notice.   


Members agree to keep their allocated User Identifiers and Passwords confidential at all times and are expressly forbidden to divulge them to third parties.  Failure to do so may result in membership being temporarily or permanently revoked at the discretion of NAG.


Members agree to treat any information passed to them by other members of the site as strictly confidential and not to be divulged to third parties, including family members, without seeking their permission first.  In particular recent family events such as Births, Deaths and Marriages fall into this category as divulging information on these can sometimes lead to family upsets.  If in doubt always check with the person who's personal information it is first before disclosing it.