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Is there a real possibility of Newhaven having its own Museum once again?  With the site of Victoria School soon to become vacant, we have the tantalising prospect of the site becoming the subject of a community asset transfer for the benefit of the people of Newhaven.  A Newhaven Heritage Centre is on the horizon.  Museum experts within Newhaven Heritage consider the Anchor Annexe would ideally suit the purpose of becoming a Heritage and Cultural Centre.  It offers easy disability access, modern design to facilitate optimum control of heat and humidity as well as security. And the playground area in front and to the eastern side of the building would provide an opportunity to be transformed into a garden space in which to sit, to socialise and to enjoy.

Edinburgh is now a year-round destination for tourists. Newhaven Heritage knows from past experience how popular the community museum was with visitors — people still come looking for it.  In its time, it experienced a footfall of over 30,000 visitors per annum. Adding to this base point, and with the additional influx of cruise passengers, we are confident that the state-of-the-art heritage centre will draw a significant number of tourists to Newhaven as a destination.  The small shop within will feature product locally made by artisans as well as museum souvenirs, again mostly made locally.

Newhaven Heritage plans to develop a world class community museum and cultural centre with a reputation for community involvement, technical innovation, and state of the art displays;  its aim is to entertain as well as inform so that visitors will have a better understanding of how a small fiercely independent community on the periphery of a large metropolis sustained and supported itself.  

It will foster a sense of Newhaven as a caring empowered community, secure in its identity and confidently engaging in delivering a better future for the people who live in Newhaven.  And using any surplus generated from the income of the Heritage Centre, it will empower the Newhaven community to build on their achievements to make their own better future.

In years past, the protection of the Newhaven residents was in the care of the Ancient Free Fishermen’s Society of Newhaven Immemorial.  Following their example, it is the desire of Newhaven Heritage to work to enhance the well-being of the people of Newhaven and the advancement of a Sense of Place.

Whether or not our vision comes to fruition depends on public opinion.  A counter-bid by another organisation means that the Anchor Building would be used for pre-school years run by a private nursery; Newhaven Heritage seeks to use the building as a place of learning, a place of engagement, a place of entertainment, and a place of resource.  If our vision appeals to you, please put pressure upon the Councillors in whose hands the ultimate decision rests.  

With the disruptions to construction work resulting from the coronavirus crisis, it is highly unlikely that the new school will be ready in time for its target date of August 2021.  It is not too late to change the Council’s mind.

The Newhaven Heritage and Cultural Centre will not only be a place of learning, a place of engagement, and a place of entertainment, it will also be a place of resource.


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